About Us

An avant-garde futuristic bag, with a concept brought back from the origin, Where every single artwork ever worn was inspired.

The place that hosts a strong architectural presence, remarkable beauty, and a rich history. It takes you back to the magnificence of monarchy, the elite dukes and duchesses, the nobility of all historical legends and the memory that holds them all together today.

MOSKI entailing the glory of past times. The ‘O’ that resides in the name, MOSKI, resembles the historical landmark that leads you to different avenues of art, where you spot handmade endowment.

MOSKI is the clutch you’ll adore having around your hand. Being the head turner that will bring you great confidence and euphoria. It is not a clutch anyone can handle; it takes power and dignity; style and class. MOSKI is entirely around advocating women, honoring them, and supporting their every move in life.

MOSKI touched and embellished by gold, a shimmery piece that glorifies the bag, making it all more precious. We intend for it to be a distinguished piece of art, a delight and a match to various occasions and places that it may visit, swinging back and forth, catching the eyes and attention of every person you pass by.

A statement on its own, a trademark to be celebrated MOSKI is the clutch that can express your both sides, no need to take a side while telling your story, you can leave your comfort zone , fly beyond your dreams and back to a safety solid ground.


MOSKI’s mission is to create high-quality products to reveal women elegance and confidence.
We are committed to excellence and incredibly proud of our local inspirations.


MOSKI’s vision is to empower women through premium brand.

The GOLD is the polished, decisive and sparkling side of you. It reflects your elegance in a distinguished style

The BOLD is the confident, outspoken and edgy side of you. It reflects your confidence in an outstanding style.

Elegance x Confidence