MOSKI offers free shipping within Egypt. For other countries, VAT, custom duties, custom fees, other taxes, and charges will be added to selling price.

The taxes and customs duties vary from country to another and are applied when the package arrives to the country of destination. Therefore, we invite our customers to contact the customs authorities in their country of origin before ordering, to clear any doubt regarding taxes and customs duties.

The cost of shipping is calculated based on the country of destination, weight, and the volume of the package. The cost will be viewable by the customer at the end of the order, prior to the confirmation of the same. Please contact our customer service to get all related details and for any inquiry on conversion rates.

The products are shipped via our notified courier. Please contact our professional team to track your order. Generally, the courier fulfills deliveries within the below lead times the following day after the registration of the order and excluding Egypt weekends & bank holidays:


Bold line

Gold line


3 days – Cairo

5 days – Outside Cairo

10 days – Cairo

12 days – Outside Cairo

Gulf & Levant

10 days

15 days

Other Countries

15 days

21 days

** Gold line takes longer because all gold invoices need to be reflected with our package and most of the time it will be manufactured upon request.

Above lead-times are included as a reference rather than a conclusive answer. Therefore, any delay in the delivery time will not entitle the customer to refuse the delivery and/or request any kind of compensation.

In case of failure to deliver due to the recipient being absent. Your delivery will return after leaving a delivery note at your requested location during purchasing transaction. A note will be sent to you via e-mail, and you will be requested to pay the delivery the return and new delivery fees.

In case the deliveries are received be by the receptionist (who provides the necessary signature for the reception of the package), MOSKI cannot be held responsible for any missing deliveries to the final recipient.

Delays in the delivery time may occur due to temporary unavailability of the products, problems with the courier, holidays or due to major forces that might inevitably extend the shipping time.

In case the customer refuses to receive the products or in case the deliver cannot be fulfilled due to other reasons (absent of the recipient during delivery attempts, incorrect data, etc.), the cost of customs duties and the return of the products will have to be covered by the customer, whereas the price of the purchase product(s) will be refunded.

Once you received your products, you must check the following:

  • Make sure that the number of packages corresponds with what is specified in the transport document
  • Make sure that the package is intact and undamaged, including the envelope materials
  • Any damage to the package or the product, as well as any mismatch, must be detected immediately. Then, you must proceed to mark the document of the delivery with a statement regarding the damages detected on the product/package that must be returned to the courier service