How to care for leather?

  • Do not let clutches rest against other surfaces, and always keep them in the supplied storage component. Otherwise, the colors of the clutch and surrounding objects will bleed onto each other.
  • Refrain from leaving the clutch directly exposed to rough temperatures and humidity for long periods of time. Natural leather could react badly to hard conditions exceeding 6 hours unattended.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol or detergent to clean the clutch. Use a slightly wet piece of cloth or baby wipes to gently clean the surface. Steer clear of bleaching chemicals, leather polish will do the job of keeping your vintage leather looking shiny and elegant.  For any extensive damage, contact us for professional feedback and instruction.
  • To maintain perfect shape avoid leaving your clutch on the ground and watch out for the corners. 

How to care for accessories?

  • Avoid exposing accessories to rough surfaces, and be mindful of surrounding items, as dangling accessories can catch on near objects, leading to damage. 
  • Do not indulge in the use of alcohol or any type of detergent to clean the accessories. Polishing will depend on the type of accessory. Ensure to follow our recommendations.
  • If you happen to find scratches on the gold accessories, please contact us immediately to provide professional gold care guidance.
  • Do not remove any of the accessories on the clutches. This could lead to unfixable damage.

How to care for interiors?

  • Do not keep your cosmetics or perfumes unattended in the clutches and ensure storing it in pouches.
  • Make sure pens and markers are well sealed in the clutch, to keep the inner lining unstained.
  • When storing your clutch, ensure stuffing it properly, in genuine storage conditions.